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Who is Kent Certified Wine Cellar and Trust?
We are a company set up for the purpose of properly storing and safekeeping fine wines.

Who does Kent Cellars Serve?
Anyone who is concerned about storing their fine wines in a humidity controlled, constant 55 degree F secure environment. This includes both consumers and commercial accounts.

Why should I store wine?
Many people store wine because of its investment value. During the last few years, the value of wine purchased young and properly stored has increased many times over. With the increasing popularity of wine, this trend is expected to continue to grow.

Many people work on a rotation system, storing wine for their own consumption in future years. The best system is to buy fine wines upon release and properly store them until they mature.

Why is temperature control important to wine storage?
Wine experts agree that two of the most important factors in wine storage are temperature and temperature consistency. It is generally agreed that around 55 ║ F is the optimum storage temperature for most wines. Fluctuations, particularly repeated fluctuations, are considered to be most injurious to the wine.

Warmer temperatures age wine too rapidly while cooler ones, too slowly. Researchers at the Department of Viticulture and Enology at the University of California in Davis, have shown that the maturity rate of wine doubles for every 10 ║ F, (e.g., wine held at 75 ║ F matures four times as rapidly as wine held at 55 ║ F). They have also shown that if wine ages too rapidly, an excessive amount of fruitiness can be lost, along with other forms of quality decline. This is why it is important to hold wine at a temperature which assures the proper rate of maturity.

Older, mature wines can be most delicate and it is, therefore, critical to hold them at the proper temperature to ensure the life of the wine. Wine which is stored in a fluctuating temperature condition such as commonly experienced between day and night temperatures in many homes and apartments, threatens considerable damage to the wine during the maturing process.

What type of facility does Kent Cellars have?
The Cellar, located at 2858 N. Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, is an insulated, refrigerated former food processing plant, previously occupied by the Orval Kent Food Company, Inc.

Who owns and operates the Kent Cellars?
The Kent Family, a long established name in the food processing business, owns and operates Kent Cellars and for years has been a collector of fine wines.

Why does a former food processing building make such a good wine cellar?
Because it is not only fully insulated and refrigerated, but also has much higher standards of sanitation and cleanliness than most other types of facilities. A clean facility is critical in controlling mold and mildew which is particularly important for long term storage. It is vermin and rodent free. The nature of the facility is such that it eliminates all natural light, and vibration, both of which are harmful for wine.

What are the advantages of refrigeration over air conditioning for a wine cellar?
Air conditioners are designed to run about 20 ║ F below ambient temperature and even when over-designed, on hot, humid days can become ineffective because of frosting problems. So the days when your wine needs the most protection, it may not get it. Refrigeration, on the other hand, runs very efficiently at 55 ║ F and assures both a constant temperature and proper humidity control on the hottest, most humid days. Refrigeration also provides much better air circulation, (which is also important in controlling mold and mildew growth), and assures an even temperature distribution throughout the Cellar.

What are the advantages of an insulated cellar?
It is particularly important not only to protect the wine from warm temperatures, but also to maintain constant, even temperatures throughout the cellar during the entire year. Just as a poorly insulated home can be drafty in the winter, a poorly insulated cellar can have similar inconsistencies.

How long can I store my wine at Kent Cellars?
Since the Kent Family owns the Cellar, there is no worry about a lease expiring and the landlord having different plans for the facility; therefore, you can be assured of a long-term storage situation.

How does Kent Cellars compare to other wine storage facilities?
Although there are other commercial facilities of this type throughout the Country, it is one of the few, if not only, refrigerated and insulated wine storage facility.

What kind of storage facility will my wine be kept in at Kent Cellars?
Depending on each customer's needs, a separate locker in increments of 16 or 32 case sizes is available. The actual number of cases you can get depends on the case type. Each customer may provide their own lock for their own bin and keep the keys themselves.

Who will handle my wine?
If you wish, no one will handle your wine but you. You may enter the wine Cellar and place your wine in or remove it yourself. However, arrangements can be made for wine to be delivered from your favorite wine shop directly to the Cellar and placed in your locker by Kent Cellars personnel, or held for you in a secure holding area in the Cellar awaiting your arrival.

Can I buy wine from Kent Cellars?
No, Kent Cellars is not in the wine retail business but works with and is endorsed by all of the finest wine shops in Metropolitan Chicago and the Midwest.

ęKent Certified Wine Cellar And Trust